Wind Power Forecasting in the US

As the prevalance of wind power increases, so does the importance of being able to answer the question, “Is the wind going to blow?” As this article on wind power forecasting points out:

An unexpected lack of wind in the US can cause blackouts. This is one problem that many regions in the United States of America may face on the short and medium term as a consequence of the country’s growing dependence on renewable energies, particularly wind power.

With that in mind, a project is underway to make wind power forecasting more accurate.

With this project, it will be possible to achieve more precise wind power forecasting in a timeline that can go up to three days.

Errors in wind power predictions “can have more severe consequences in the USA than in any European country” due to the country’s temperate and subtropical climate and local geography…

It is expected that a less uncertain wind forecasting in a given location will have a considerable impact on the North-American electricity industry, thus allowing a reduction of wind power prices in the United States.

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