The Latest on the Cape Wind Nantucket Sound project

It’s been in the works for seven plus years, but in one of the Bush Administration’s last official acts, the Cape Wind offshore wind turbine project was given the go-ahead.     The project, consisting of 130 wind turbines, could generate up to 75% of the region’s electricity needs.    But there’s been furious behind the scenes political opposition, even from the likes of Sen Ted Kennedy, who spent much of the last 8 years criticizing President Bush’s enviornmental policies.    The locals were upset that the turbines would create “visual pollution” which might reduce their summer vacations just a smidgen.

So last week the Interior Department issued its long-awaited regulatory study on Cape Wind, finding neglibible environmental impact, with a “moderate” scenary impact.     If the new Administration signs off, construction could finally begin next year.

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