Selling Biofuels On Open Exchange

The World’s Only Web-Based Biofuels Exchange Opens Today

Denver, CO (10/28/10). The US Biofuels Exchange, “the US-BX”, has opened today for live Ethanol and Biodiesel trading and will offer free trading on all listings posted before January 1, 2011. The US-BX’s web address is

The US-BX’s proprietary “two-sided” trading platform was designed with direct input from Biofuels industry professionals, including Ethanol Producers, Biodiesel Producers, Biofuels Brokers and Petroleum Marketers. It is the most exciting, efficient and cost effective way to buy and sell Biofuels worldwide.

Allowing registered users to Post, Buy, Sell and Make Offers on and to both “Lot For Sale” and “Lot Wanted” listings, certifies that the US-BX is truly a disruptive innovation that will forever change the way Biofuels are bought and sold; the ultimate sales and procurement tool, bringing unmatched efficiency and cost effectiveness to a traditionally limited and outdated trading method.

And since the US-BX is web-based and utilizes “Cloud Computing” standards, no software needs to be purchased, downloaded or installed on the user’s computer. This allows accounts to be accessed and trades conducted from any computer on earth.

“We’re more than pleased to be the world’s only web-based Biofuels Exchange. We offer Biofuels Producers, Brokers, Blenders, Distributors, Importers, Exporters and Marketers the ability to anonymously buy and sell Ethanol and Biodiesel as well as the ability to make, receive and choose between multiple offers on listings,” said US-BX Vice President James Kaufman.

Kaufman added, “We believe the US-BX will create more consistent national pricing, increased price stability as well as expanded sales and purchasing opportunities, ultimately becoming a vital factor in the overall health and growth of the entire Biofuels Industry.”

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