Does This Country Benefit From Sufficient Bright Days To Make Solar Energy Panels Seem Worth The Solar Energy Prices That They Cost?

We may believe that the UK is not that sunny, but it depends on your locale; North Scotland may be freezing more than it is sunny, and southern England may be the reverse. It actually turns out that the UK gets in the order of 60% of the sun that the equator gets. When it comes to using Solar Energy Panels, these can in fact create electricity in daylight on a cloudy day, although it goes without saying that, bright sunlight will create more electricity.

So generally, the answer to the question is “yes”, although there are more constraints than how much sunlight there is. The siting of the building that has the Solar Energy Panels installed is crucial, for the Solar Energy Panels must be sited onto a roof with a south facing side, or within 900 of south. Also the selected roof should not be overlooked by buildings or trees that could block sunlight or the Solar Energy Panels may well never get up to their full making level. In these conditions, the Solar Energy Prices, which work out at in the order of £12,000 for a typical family home Solar Energy Panels set up, would not have been spent wisely. More to the point, the Solar Energy Panels outfit would have performed a poor job in not advising the home user in the first place if they had significant issues with the location, and would have charged the Solar Energy Prices in an dishonest manner.

With the hours of daylight and sunlight we get, Solar Energy Panels surely make sense as a eco positive energy solution, not only to help the environment but also to be economical for the home user. Yes, the Solar Energy Prices of in the order of £12,000 will have to be sorted out, but once the Solar Energy Panels are installed they will be making electricity straight away and it is estimated that this typical Solar Energy Panels set up can create in the order of 40% of the customers electricity needs. If the home user is on the national grid then they can send surplus electricity back to the grid and be rewarded for it, as well as being rewarded for what they create in the first place. An estimate of a 10 to 12 years payback time for the Solar Energy Prices is common.

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