Is 25% of your energy costs going out the window?


Dirt and debris build-up can cause wear on the hardware and sealing of windows over time, resulting in reduced efficiency. Additionally, clean windows let in more sunlight, which helps with solar heating efficiency in cold-weather months, lessening heating costs. For commercial buildings with typically hundreds or even thousands of windows, the subsequent savings in running costs of the HVAC system really add up. According to Nick Pastras, from Smart Cleaning Solutions, "Some customers with large corporate buildings have reported savings in the vicinity of 1-2%, not to mention clean windows are much nicer to look through" he said. Inspect Seals and Weatherstripping Today’s window sealants are built to last, yet the materials weren’t always as reliable. Regular, yearly window inspections are important for sustaining the efficiency of a window system. Detecting common maintenance issues like poorly fitted seals, damaged frames and worn-out weatherstripping early helps stop them from becoming a major contributor to energy loss.

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