One Block Off the Grid (1BOG) Expands to Denver and Philadelphia

One Block Off the Grid (1BOG), the nation’s largest solar group purchase provider, is expanding.   Just this week they’ve announced new launches in Denver and Philadelphia, so if you’re interested in getting a solar installation and you live in those areas (or any of the other cities that 1BOG currently covers), listen up! 1BOG is a “community-based program that […]

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Ethanol Biomass – What You Need To Understand At This Time

Ethanol fuel biomass may be defined as vegetable substances or plants currently in use to generate gasoline or sustaining energy. More particularly this is a biological origin that is extracted from the living matter. Ethanol has derived its alternative energy coming from plants like corn, switchgrasses, hemp, willow and sugar cane along with additional vegetation which provides or hold sugar. […]

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The Latest on the Cape Wind Nantucket Sound project

It’s been in the works for seven plus years, but in one of the Bush Administration’s last official acts, the Cape Wind offshore wind turbine project was given the go-ahead.     The project, consisting of 130 wind turbines, could generate up to 75% of the region’s electricity needs.    But there’s been furious behind the scenes political opposition, even […]

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